Summer Term

Interns, students and scholars over the age of 18 looking for safe, flexible summer housing in New York City and an immersive experience of fun and globally-minded leadership training are encouraged to apply.

Opportunities for professional and personal growth abound; through a variety of programs and activities within the House, Summer Residents are challenged to share and explore the wide diversity of opinion and experiences found across the I-House community.

The daily interactions, along with our exclusive summer programming, help build the core values of Respect, Empathy and Moral Courage that characterize the I-House Experience.

Summer Programs

During the summer, I-House programs are planned to build community among the Residents. The events planned are designed to get Residents acquainted with each other and with New York City. You never have to explore NYC alone!
Programs being planned for this summer include excursions in and around New York City, cultural events celebrating the diversity of the I-House community, social events including barbeque and I-House’s signature event, Ice Cream Socials.

When to Apply

International House accepts applications on a rolling basis for the Summer term.
Complete applications are reviewed weekly.

Submit your completed
application by:

Receive a decision
via email by:

Submit your deposit
or cancel by:

Monday by midnight
Wednesday by 5pm EST
The following Tuesday by midnight
You will receive an update regarding the status of your application no more than 3 business days of receipt.

If your desired departure date is after September 1, please submit an academic year application. 


Eligibility for Summer Admission

To be eligible to live at International House, applicants must have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and must be at least one of the following:
Undergraduate or Graduate students
Interns and trainees*
*During the summer term, “interns” and “trainees” are defined as students or recent graduates (within 1 year of completion) gaining supervised experience in their field of study.
Visiting Scholars
I-House Alumni
18+ years old


      All documents must be submitted in English or have English translations provided in the same document. 


      Applicants must submit the following for their application to be considered:
      Personal Information
      Eligibility Verification – proof of your status as a student, intern, trainee, or visiting scholar
      Financial Verification – proof of your ability to meet tuition and living expenses for your application period
      Proof of Vaccination against COVID-19
      Room Preferences**
      **It is recommended to list at least one room from both the North and South buildings for the best chance at receiving one of your desired room types.
      $70 non-refundable application fee

      For Students:
      acceptance letter for the upcoming or current semester
      registrar’s statement indicating full-time enrollment
      signed I-20 or DS-2019 form

      For Interns and Trainees:
      a letter from the organization or company indicating full-time status including your salary and the beginning and ending dates of your internship or training program

      For Visiting Scholars:
      a letter from your university or institution which states the full-time nature of your research
      signed I-20 or DS-2019 form

      Financial verification includes:
      a copy of your financial aid package from your university
      a current I-20 (also fulfills status verification component)
      a letter from your sponsoring organization
      a copy of your bank statement
      a letter from your employer stating your salary
      an affidavit of support from your parents or sponsor.

      Required Fees

      • $70 non-refundable, one-time application fee

      • Refundable security deposit – one month’s room fees based on the room type assigned

      • Room fees – Upon arrival, you will be expected to complete payment of one semester’s room fees or your room fees for the duration of your stay, whichever is shorter.

      • Dining fee – $5.75 multiplied by the number of days in your stay, given as a credit to spend as you wish throughout the length of your stay. 

      Apply Today

      Applications are now being accepted on a first-come first-served basis for any consecutive 30 day period during the summer session. We strongly encourage you to apply as early as possible as applications are reviewed and rooms are assigned in the order the applications are received based on availability of preferences.
      You will receive an update regarding the status of your application within 3 business days of receipt.
      If your desired departure date is after September 1, please submit an academic year application.

      If you have already been admitted to live at International House, please visit the Accepted Applicants page for more information regarding your next steps.


      We know that this can be confusing, and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have!

      Get in Touch

      The Admissions Office reviews applications for Residency at International House, makes room assignments, administers the financial aid programs, and verifies eligibility of every Resident each term.

      Megan Amouzou

      Vice President of Admissions

      (212) 316-8436

      Khaire Vaughan

      Sr. Admissions Associate for Planning & Occupancy

      (212) 316-8436

      Roxanni Acevedo

      Admissions Associate

      (212) 316-8436

      Anna Giordano

      Admissions Associate for Recruitment

      (212) 316-8436

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