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Interested in returning to I-House next year?

All Resident Members in good standing, with all outstanding balances paid, are invited to apply to renew their membership for all or part of the following academic year.

All eligibility requirements for admission must be met and qualifying documents must be provided to be considered for readmission. Readmission is not automatic or guaranteed, even in cases where eligibility is established, and is contingent upon approval by the Admissions Committee.

When to Apply

Readmission applicants receive priority for admission from February 1 – May 1. After May 1, readmission applicants are given equal consideration with new applicants.

All Resident Members who may need to stay at I-House during the upcoming academic year, even if their plans are not 100% finalized, are encouraged to apply early as they have time to finalize their plans before making a commitment. Readmission applicants who need to cancel their application can do so without penalty by July 1.

Room Selection

Readmission applicants who apply by March 1 can opt to keep the same room they have now or they can give up their current room and participate in room selection from Wednesday, March 6 – Sunday, March 10.

During room selection, returning residents can select their exact room from all the available rooms at I-House for the upcoming Academic Year. By participating in room selection, residents do not have to wait for a room change to be processed in order to change their rooms for the upcoming year!

Please note that residents may move into their new rooms beginning in mid-August as occupancy allows. Room changes are not permitted during the summer term.


Applicants applying to I-House for the Academic Year term must be

Full-time graduate students, or

Full-time interns and trainees* (for one academic year only), or

Visiting Scholars


21 years of age and older

To Apply

Step 1: Log on to the I-House Portal

Step 2: Click ‘Apply for Housing’ from the menu bar and select ‘Academic Year’

Step 3: Review the information and edit/complete all necessary fields

Step 4: Choose to either keep your current room or select a different room

Step 5: Submit the application


I want to leave at the end of the Academic Year and come back before the end of the Summer term to stay for the Academic Year. How do I inform you of that?

January 23, 2023

When completing the readmission application please indicate your return date, despite it being before the beginning of the Academic Year term. We will then set that date as your return date.

I do not know if I will be in the New York for the upcoming Academic Year, but if I am I definitely want to stay at I-House. What should I do?

January 31, 2024

You should submit a readmission application for the academic year before the deadline. By submitting the application we will hold a room for you and you have until July 1 to cancel your booking without penalty.

I missed the readmission deadline. What happens now?

January 23, 2023

You can still apply for readmission but your room may no longer be available and, depending on when you do apply, availability of rooms may be limited.

If my plans change and I need to cancel my readmission application, when I do I have to tell the Admissions Office to avoid a penalty?

January 31, 2024

After your readmission application is approved you will be asked to pay a $1,400 room reservation payment which will be refundable until July 1. If you cancel before July 1 you will receive a refund of the room reservation payment. If you cancel after July 1 you will forfeit the full $1,400 room reservation payment.

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