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I-House’s mission is built on the simple yet radical notion that living in a diverse community instills a lifelong dedication to cross-cultural understanding.

As we enter our second century, this idea proves not only relevant, but urgently necessary. Even as technology and media connects us, we are increasingly divided: biased in our own views and experiences, apprehensive of deep conversations, and unable to forge collective solutions to global challenges.

International House exists to bridge these divides.

The House is a microcosm of the world: diverse, challenging, surprising. Through an intentional admission process, we curate an eclectic, interdisciplinary cohort of open-minded individuals who come together at a key stage in life for a crash course in social and cultural intelligence.

Whether in the dining hall or at a lecture, residents listen to others, share life stories, question their own views, and genuinely come to understand one another. It is a life-changing experience our alumni carry into their communities, practices, and professions. 

To be here is to be open, to be receptive, and to be a part of a supportive community and network that stays with you no matter where you land. The time we are together is relatively brief, but the gifts acquired last a lifetime. 

  • Night of Nations, 2024
  • Fellowship retreat, 2023
  • In the Main Lounge, 2023
  • WIL Women Across Industry Panel, 2016.
  • Residents present proposal for Innovation Fellowship.
    Residents present proposal for an Innovation Fellowship, 2015
  • Residents talk on the O'Neill Patio.
    On the O’Neill Patio, 2012

“Any time I need anything, I know I can ask my fellow residents and everyone will be there to help me. That sense of community is really strong here, and that’s why I really value I-House.” 

Anggi Suharja ’22, Indonesia; Columbia University, FulBright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program

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At I-House, residents:

Meet fellow students, interns, and professional trainees from virtually every region, academic discipline, and organization;

Participate in cultural events and language exchange classes;

Become a member in global network of distinguished Alumni;

Attend events led by world-renowned thought leaders;

Work with our on-site Global Health & Wellness Services that encompass fitness, nutrition and mental health supports with a global lens.

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