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Financial Aid

Financial aid at International House is available to assist residents with housing expenses during their time studying or working in New York City. All academic year residents of I-House are eligible to apply for aid, regardless of citizenship, field of study, enrollment status, etc.

These opportunities are made possible through the generous support of corporations, foundations and individuals such as alumni and trustees. It is through this that International House is able to maintain the exceptional geographic, cultural and economic diversity that is central to the mission.

Scholarships of up to a full year of room fees will be awarded to residents living at I-House during the academic year. Priority is given to residents from underrepresented countries or field of studies living at International House for the duration of the Academic Year, and is awarded based on financial need and merit. In previous years, I-House was able to award 30% of our resident population with some amount of aid.

“First and foremost, I am beyond grateful and humbled. The I-House community has been a pillar of support during these times of uncertainty. Without support from I-House, my experience would not be possible. I am excited to be part of this community and contribute in creative ways to the core mission and values.”

Javier M., Guatemala; Columbia University, Public Administration

How to Apply for Financial Aid at I-House

The financial aid application is a part of the housing application. To apply for both, visit our application portal here, create a profile, and begin an application for the desired term.

Financial aid is not available during the summer term. I-House will be accepting financial aid applications for the upcoming academic year until Thursday, August 1. After August 1, applicants will no longer be able to apply for aid for the 2024-2025 year.

The following funds are available for the 2024-25 Academic Year:

  • The Arab Student Fund

    This fund will provide assistance to Arab residents of International House.

  • The Charles and Laurene Wu McClain ‘66 Scholarship Fund

    Awards will be made to residents demonstrating financial need.  Charles and Laurene Wu McClain ’66 met and married at I-House and have been long-time supporters of International House.  All applicants are considered with priority given to those from California, Hawaii or to those studying music. 

  • The Daniela Passal Scholarship Fund

    This memorial scholarship supports Israeli students living at I-House.

  • Davis Fund

    Need-based awards will be made to residents from underrepresented nations and fields of study demonstrating financial need.

  • Davis United World Scholars Fund

    An award of $10,000 will be made to one resident who is a former Davis United World Scholar.

  • The DeWitte Fund

    Need-based awards will be made to residents demonstrating financial need, with preference to students from Europe and the Netherlands.

  • *The Dietrich Bonhoeffer Financial Aid Award

    Awards of the full cost of housing as well as the meal plan for a room with or without a sink in the South Building at International House will be made to 3 residents that embody the character displayed by Bonhoeffer while he was a member of I-House: openness to new experiences, curiosity about issues outside one’s professional field, interest in people from different backgrounds and cultures, a drive to action, and a commitment to improve society and the quality of life of others.

    Read more about Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the I-House Archives here. The deadline to apply for the Dietrich Bonhoeffer award is June 1, 2024.

  • The Dobrzensky Fund

    Need-based awards will be made to residents from underrepresented nations and fields of study demonstrating financial need.

  • The Edith Pohl Bequest Fund

    This memorial scholarship fund will provide financial assistance to residents from underrepresented countries and fields of study.

  • *Freunde des International House Fund

    Need-based awards will be made to Residents from underrepresented or developing countries, from countries experiencing conflict and/or to Residents who are citizens of Germany. This fund was established in 1990 by Freunde des International House, e.V., the Germany-based International House pan-European alumni chapter, and is supported through donations from Alumni and friends in Europe. 

  • The General Resident Fund

    Need based awards will be made to residents from underrepresented nations and fields of study demonstrating financial need. 

  • The Gould Fund

    Awards will be made to benefit students from France or French speaking nations.

  • The McLaine Fund

    Need-based awards will provide financial assistance to students from Central and East European nations.

  • *Mitsui USA Foundation Fund

    Awards of $5,000 will be made to 5 Residents demonstrating a strong interest in international trade and investment. The students must be United States citizens or permanent residents and have had a good academic performance in previous courses. A Japanese studies component and community activities are viewed favorably in the selection process.

  • The Performing Arts Fund

    This fund supports and encourages talented young performing artists to help them achieve the goals which brought them to New York City. 

  • The Tinker Fund

    Awards will provide to residents from Latin America or the Iberian Peninsula with financial assistance during their time studying or working in New York City.

  • The Toyota Fund

    This fund assists residents in need who demonstrate outstanding promise, with preference to residents from Asia and those studying technical fields.

There is one application for all of the funds listed above. You must be a resident member of International House to receive financial aid from I-House.

An asterisk (*) denotes a fund that is only available for full-year scholarships, which are awarded in the Fall term. Spring financial aid applicants will not be considered to receive aid from any of these funds. 

If for any reason, a resident’s financial situation has changed while living at I-House, they may make an appointment to meet with the Vice President of Admissions to inquire about emergency funds available.

This year, I-House will be partnering with seven schools and programs to award one academic year of room fees to one resident from each: The Manhattan School of Music, The Fordham University Gabelli School of Business, The Juilliard School, The School of Visual Arts MFA Photography, Videography, and Related Media, CUNY Journalism, CUNY John Jay MA in Human Rights, and The New School Parsons School of Design (MA)rch. Applicants may apply for these aid opportunities by filling out the housing and financial aid application on the I-House portal and selecting at least one fund from the list of funds by the deadline communicated to eligible residents by their program’s staff. All applicants that apply for housing and aid that attend these schools or programs will automatically be reviewed for these awards.

Please note: All applicants are required to submit a housing application fee, financial verification in the housing application, and the room reservation deposit by the date noted in your admittance email. Submitting a financial aid application will never absolve a resident from the required fees listed above.


When can I apply for financial aid for the academic year?

November 13, 2023

The financial aid application opens during the Spring term before the Academic Year.

For new applicants, an announcement will be made on the I-House website and across I-House social media when the application becomes available.

Current residents can apply for financial aid during the same cycle as readmission.

Can I apply for financial aid if I am living at I-House during the summer term?

November 13, 2023

International House does not provide financial aid during the summer term.

When should I submit my financial aid application?

January 31, 2024

Financial aid applications should be submitted at the same time as the housing application.

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