Why I-House?

At International House, residents are challenged to share and explore the wide diversity of opinion and experiences within the community, which includes a myriad of cultures, customs and religions.

The daily interactions, combined with our exclusive programming, aim to instill core values of Respect, Empathy, and Moral Courage. 

Through various programs and activities within the House, Residents are challenged to share and explore the wide diversity of opinions and experiences found across the I-House community.

Opportunities for professional and personal growth at I-House

Meet fellow students, interns, and professional trainees from virtually every region, academic discipline, and organization
Participate in cultural events and language exchange classes
Become a member in global network of distinguished Alumni
Attend events led by world-renowned thought leaders
Work with our on-site Global Health & Wellness Services that encompass fitness, nutrition and mental health supports with a global lens
  • Residents present proposal for Innovation Fellowship.
    Residents present proposal for Innovation Fellowship.
  • Residents talk on the O'Neill Patio.
    Residents engage in lively discussions on the O’Neill Patio.
  • WIL Women Across Industry Panel, 2016.
“Any time I need anything, I know I can ask my fellow residents and everyone will be there to help me. That sense of community is really strong here, and that’s why I really value I-House.” 
Anggi Suharja ’22, Indonesia; Columbia University, FulBright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program

Funding Opportunities

Additionally, through the generosity of supporters and our partnerships with other institutions, I-House NY offers Residents a variety of financial aid programs, funding opportunities, Fellowships, and skills-building support like:

Why I-House?

In a recent survey of Alumni:
83% agreed that International House challenges Residents to become leaders in their chosen field of study, as members of a diverse and inclusive lifelong community.
83% agreed International House fosters international understanding by empowering the next generation of globally-minded leaders.
87% thought their I-House Experience contributed to their success in their chosen field.

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The Admissions Office reviews applications for Residency at International House, makes room assignments, administers the financial aid programs, and verifies eligibility of every Resident each term.

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