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International House Residents bring to the community a plethora of culture and interests. During the course of a typical year, I-House Residents represent approximately 100 different countries and 70+ academic and professional institutions.

Below are Residents who have volunteered to answer your questions and honestly describe their I-House experience.

Parisha (Nila) Hakimi


Business Administration

Business Promotion and Development

My name is Nila and I grew up in Switzerland. My parents moved from Afghanistan to Switzerland when I was two years old. My mother tongue is Persian and I speak German, French and English. I am aiming to speak Mandarin fluently as well and it has become my goal since my exchange semester and internship in Beijing, China. I did my Bachelor in International Management and my Master in Business Administration. During my studies, I worked in different roles at various businesses while also helping to establish my family’s business, a family-owned restaurant. From then until now, I hired people to work in the restaurant. I helped to develop the business plan, the menu according to social dynamics in the city and to apply a diversification strategy in order to gain competitive advantage. We have the vision to become a world known brand and to serve customers not only Swisswide but worldwide. I came to New York to work for six months for the consulate of Switzerland. As part of the Swiss Business Hub team, I am supporting Swiss SMEs to enter the US market.

Haila Amin


Columbia University
Economics & Philosophy

I am ethnic Mongolian, but I am Chinese and have been living in France, the US and China for most of my life. I just started my Columbia journey studying Economics and Philosophy. Outside of classes, I spend a lot of time preparing and going to UN conferences. This February, I went to the UN Environmental Assembly, in March I went to the negotiation for a biological diversity convention, I am going to Sweden for the Stockholm+50, a climate change conference as well, and this summer, there is a high-level political forum for human dignity. I personally deliver an oral statement on behalf of civil society at the UN, so, I usually spend a lot of my free time working for NGOs and learning about different Human Rights philosophy, environmental conservation, and other related political issues. I also listen to a lot of Mongolian music. Because I am an ethnic minority, it is very hard for me to keep my heritage. Previously, I lived with a friend from Mongolia, and we spent a lot of time listening to traditional music and thinking about how our culture can contribute to modern society. Our culture is very nomadic — some people think it is very old fashioned — but we find it very beautiful; we find a lot of inspirations that can be complimentary to modern society.

MuHan Li


Columbia University
International Relations & Philosophy

I grew up in the Northern part of China in the Gansu province. I went to Singapore at age 12 and spent the next decade there, finishing middle and high school and two years of military service, and I also ran my startup for two years before coming to Columbia to study Philosophy and International Relations for my undergrad. My interest in my studies is sparked by my upbringing – coming from a relatively underdeveloped part of China to Singapore, which is obviously a global metropolis — that initial experience sparked my interest in understanding how the wealth of different nations and the economic and political systems work. My primary motivation is intellectual curiosity – I’d like to understand how the world works, what is my place in the world? How does my background, my country, my operating, contribute to and position myself in history? This is partially why I enjoy living at I-House so much, and why want to continue to work in the geo-political sphere; it could allow me to be in the circle and participate in those conversations, and, in certain ways, shape how global affairs work to a smaller or larger extent.

Karen Ng

Hong Kong

Columbia University

I’m a journalist, poet and master’s student at the Columbia Journalism School. I lead Columbia’s poetry society and have experience as an editor, singer, stylist, and street photographer. Outside of work, I immerse myself diligently in everything you’d cover as culture–film, fashion, music, poetry, books, theatre, philosophy, classics… In pursuit of them, I enjoy keeping a dense, well-spread schedule out in whichever city I’m in with my family and friends, be it New York City, London, Tokyo or Hong Kong. Social justice issues are very important to me, and I often report on and volunteer with queer, elderly and marginalized communities. The works that move me the most tend to be life-affirming yet somewhat poignant, and my own writing is often teeming with imagery.

A Global Community

Among the things that unite our Residents are a shared commitment to creating a global community and the potential to make the world a better place. Below, meet some of our recent alumni and learn about the exciting things they have done.

Meet Some of Our Residents

Polina Belopashentseva

Merging Math with Marketing

Kenneth “Kenny” Cortez

Enhancing Academic and Professional Dreams through I-House

Weyni Berhe

“This is a platform to question who you are and how you fit within the global community.”

Rand Jarallah

Engaging Other I-House Residents in Her Work for the United Nations

Maham Sadiq

An Engineer Commitred to the Econoic Development of Her Native Pakistan

Luz Zamora

A Resident’s Life of Endurance

Michael Memari

United States
“I-House provides a unique opportunity for inter-cultural exchange.”

Daria Dudenkova

Shaping Education for Social Impact

Donna Sanders

United States
US Marine Corps Veteran and Entrepreneur

Franklyn Telles

United States
Native Advocate, Scientist, Educator

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