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Additional Fees

Required Fees

$75 non-refundable, one-time application fee.

Dining services charged at a daily rate chosen by each resident, given as a credit to spend as you wish throughout the length of your stay.

Refundable security deposit equal to one month’s room fees.

Room fees – Upon arrival, you will be expected to complete payment of one semester’s room fees or your room fees for the duration of your stay, whichever is shorter.

Optional Fees

These fees are only required if the service has been requested by a resident.

Lunar New Year celebration, 2019.

  • AC Installation

    $75 one-time fee
  • AC Utilities

    South: $70/month | North: $90/month
  • Communal Kitchen

  • Cot

  • Deferment Fee (monthly payment plan)

  • Overnight Guest Fee

  • Mattress Rental (for guests)

  • Music Practice Room

  • Replacement ID

  • Storage

    $80/month + $100 security deposit