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Welcome to International House!

Since 1924, I-House has welcomed bright people from all over the world to live, learn and grow together through a transformative experience that prepares them to join and lead the conversations that will change the world.

In addition to safe and comfortable housing within a New York City historic landmark, the I-House Experience offers a unique array of programming and opportunities that foster cross-cultural connection and lifelong friendships.

Through this simple but radical idea, we have built a network of globally-minded leaders who go on to live lives guided by the values of Respect for differences, Empathy for others, and the Moral Courage to act for what is right.

Founders Florence and Harry Edmonds on the steps International House, 500 Riverside Drive, 1932.

Why International House?

International House’s mission is built on the simple yet radical notion that living in a diverse community instills a lifelong dedication to cross-cultural understanding. 

As we enter our second century, this idea proves not only relevant, but urgently necessary. Even as technology and media connects us, we are increasingly divided: biased in our own views and experiences, apprehensive of deep conversations, and unable to forge collective solutions to global challenges.

International House exists to bridge these divides. 

The House is a microcosm of the world: diverse, challenging, surprising. Through an intentional admission process, we curate an eclectic, interdisciplinary cohort of open-minded individuals who come together at a key stage in life for a crash course in social and cultural intelligence. Whether in the dining hall or at a lecture, residents listen to others, share life stories, question their own views, and genuinely come to understand one another. It is a life-changing experience our alumni carry into their communities, practices, and professions. 

To be here is to be open, to be receptive, and to be a part of a supportive community and network that stays with you no matter where you land. The time we are together is relatively brief, but the gifts acquired last a lifetime. 

About the House

The House is comprised of two buildings that can house up to 700 residents. 

The South building has dorm-style housing with single occupancy rooms and communal bathrooms on each floor.

The North building has apartment-style housing with room options ranging from shared suites with communal kitchens and living spaces to one-bedroom apartments.

I-House plans approximately 10 programs a week, which include leadership workshops, book and film discussions, cultural hours, and more.

Academic Year ’22-’23 Demographics

Represented at I-House are:

84 countries and regions

66 fields of study

36 educational institutions

22 internship and training organizations

Financial Aid & Fellowship Opportunities

Over $490,000 was awarded in financial aid to residents to assist with room fees this year. Roughly 29% of all I-House residents receive financial aid, with approximately 42% of residents that applied receiving something. International House also awarded three residents a full Academic Year of room fees under the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Scholarship award.
Each academic year, Residents are selected as Program Fellows, Resident Fellows, and Peer Counselor Fellows. Fellows learn to draw upon their strengths as intercultural communicators to plan programs that build community and facilitate interaction among Residents.

Resident Region or Country of Birth

Enrollment Status

Resident Gender Identity

Diwali, 2021

Governor’s Island, 2021

Ice Cream Social, 2017

Language Exchange, 2021

Orientation, 2021

South & East Asia Cultural Hour, 2017

“The Art of Listening” with Ruth Waterman, 2017

World Cup Viewing Party, 2018

    Admission to I-House

    To be eligible to live at International House, all residents must be either:

    (a.) a full-time graduate student,
    (b.) an intern or trainee, or
    (c.) a visiting scholar teaching at an accredited university.

    Admission to International House is selective. Applicants are reviewed on​ ​individual​ ​merit, commitment​ ​to​ ​the​ International​ ​House mission,​ ​and​ ​a willingness​ ​to​ ​share​ ​their​ ​time​ ​and​ ​talent​ ​with​ ​the​ ​I-House​ ​community​ ​through​ ​its​ ​varied​ ​programs
    The Admissions Committee selects residents representing as many countries, cultures, fields of study and institutions as possible and seeks approximately one-third U.S. residents. Each year we typically are able to admit 1 out of every 3 applications.​ 

    Programs at I-House

    Actor and Activist George Takei speaking with our former President, Calvin Sims

    Visiting Speakers

    Distinguished speakers representing a wide variety of leadership styles and fields including business, government, arts, science and journalism.
    Pictured: Actor and Activist George Takei speaking with former I-House President, Calvin Sims.

    Page Turners

    Notable authors addressing issues of culture, identity, international relations and a broad range of other topics discuss their recent works with Residents.
    Pictured: Author Gillian Zoe Segal shares her experiences from her book, Getting There.

    Film Series

    Acclaimed documentaries on a wide variety of topics are shown, and attendees get a chance to hear from and interact with some of the people involved with the film.  Recent films shown include Our Time MachineToni Morrison: The Pieces I Am; When Elephants Fight; Salt of the Earth;  and The Trials of Spring.
    Pictured: A conversation on The Apollo: The Soul of American Culture with Lisa Cortes (Producer), Leslie Uggams (Actress) and Moderator June Cross (Filmmaker).

    Sunday Suppers

    The longest standing tradition at International House, Sunday Suppers are where the the I-House movement began. Our community members dress up and come together to share family-style meals as they hear from captivating visiting speakers and enjoy musical performances by talented Residents.
    Pictured: Residents at a recent Sunday Supper.

    Resident Round Table Discussions

    Organized and led by Residents, for Residents, these forums epitomize the spirit of open dialogue at International House. Recent discussions have included the Syrian refugee crisis; the Black Lives Matter movement and the US criminal justice system; diversity in the tech industry; and other timely topics.
    Pictured: Residents lead a Latin American Round Table Discussion.

    Cultural Hours

    Residents produce monthly celebrations of traditional and contemporary life, the arts and the cuisine of various countries and regions.
    Pictured: Residents celebrate Punjabi Cultural Hours.

    Fall Fiesta

    A community-wide festival of words, music and dance from around the world.
    Pictured: Residents perform an African dance at International House’s 2016 Fall Fiesta.

    Language Exchange Program

    Residents can learn or practice a new language with native speakers, or teach their  language to other Residents, all at no cost, at their own pace, and in the comfort of the House they call home.
    Pictured: Residents participating in a Language Exchange in 2015.

    Salon Nights

    Residents studying music at Manhattan School of Music, The Juilliard School and the Mannes School of Music collaborate and share the spotlight with talented amateurs in the House in exciting performances of classical, jazz, world, R&B, pop, and spoken word.
    Pictured: A resident sings in Davis Hall during a Salon Night

    Night of Nations Celebration

    The biggest party of the year, this annual spring fling is filled with Resident music and dance performances, cuisine from around the world, cultural exhibits, and more.
    Pictured: The flags around Davis Hall, where the Night of Nations Grand Salon Night is celebrated. 

      Rates & Fees

      All rooms at International House are furnished.

      These rates and fees are effective at the start of the Academic Year session and are subject to change. Room rates are pro-rated to a daily rate and charged for the number of days of the requested stay.
      To view more photos and floor plans, please visit our Room Photo Gallery!

      I-House South

      South rooms are furnished to include a Twin XL bed (38″ x 80″), desk, chair, dresser, bookcase, lamp, linens, blanket, pillow and towel.

      Furnished Private Bedroom
      Access to Amenities
      Communal Bathrooms

      Does NOT Include:
      Access to a Shared Kitchen
      These rooms cannot be shared with your significant other and/or dependents.

      Room without a sink

      Approx. 8′ x 11′ (2.4m x 3.4m)

      Average Monthly Rate: $1,300

      Daily Rate: $42.74

      Room with a sink

      Approx. 8′ x 11′ (2.4m x 3.4m)

      Average Monthly Rate: $1,402

      Daily Rate: $46.08

      Room with a Semi-Private Bathroom

      Approx. 8′ x 11′ (2.4m x 3.4m)

      Average Monthly Rate: $1,725

      Daily Rate: $56.71

      Room with a Private Bathroom

      Approx. 8′ x 11′ (2.4m x 3.4m)

      Average Monthly Rate: $1,875

      Daily Rate: $61.64

      I-House North

      North building apartment style rooms and suites come furnished with a Full size bed (54″ x 75″), desk, chair, dresser, bookcase, lamp, linens, blanket, pillow, towel, a dining table and chairs, stove/oven and refrigerator.

      Suites Include:
      Furnished Private Bedroom
      Access to Amenities
      Shared Bathroom
      Shared Kitchen
      Bathroom and kitchen is shared with 2-3 suitemates. This room cannot be shared with your significant other and/or dependents.

      Studios and One-Bedrooms Include:
      Furnished Private Bedroom
      Access to Amenities
      Private Bathroom
      Private Kitchen
      These rooms can be shared with your significant other and/or dependents.

      Small Room 3-4 Bedroom Suite

      Approx. 10′ x 13′ (3m x 3.9m)

      Average Monthly Rate: $1,721

      Daily Rate: $56.58

      Medium Room 3-4 Bedroom Suite

      Approx. 12′ x 14′ (3.6m x 4.3m)

      Average Monthly Rate: $1,788

      Daily Rate: $58.79

      Large Room 3-4 Bedroom Suite

      Approx. 14′ x 16′ (4.3m x 4.9m)

      Average Monthly Rate: $1,900

      Daily Rate: $62.46

      Extra-Large Room 3-4 Bedroom Suite

      Approx. 18′ x 20′ (5.4m x 6m)

      Average Monthly Rate: $2,227

      Daily Rate: $73.23

      Studio Apartment

      Approx. 16′ x 12′ (4.9m x 3.6m)

      Average Monthly Rate: $2,425

      Daily Rate: $79.72

      One-Bedroom Apartment

      Approx. 22′ x 23′ (6.7m x 7m)

      Average Monthly Rate: $2,848

      Daily Rate: $93.65

      Required Fees

      • $70 non-refundable, one-time application fee

      • Refundable security deposit – one month’s room fees based on the room type assigned

      • Dining Fee – $6.50 multiplied by the number of days in your stay, given as a credit to spend as you wish throughout the length of your stay. 

      • Upon arrival, you will be expected to complete payment of one semester’s room fees or your room fees for the duration of your stay, whichever is shorter.

      Take a Tour of the House

      International House throughout the Years

      Waffle Wing, 1940s

      Residents, 1940s

      Residents, 1950

      Performing a folk dance, 1965

      Program Board, 1967

      Halloween, 1978

      On the O’Neill Patio, 1981

      Residents dancing, 1984

      India Cultural Hour, 1993

      Chinua Achebe, Kathryn W. Davis, David J. Sainsbury, and Wassily Leontief, 1995.

      Get-together in the Main Lounge, 2004